"I want to be like the four seasons. In Spring I will be fresh, in Summer- passionate, in Fall- refreshing and in Winter- warm." —Sunny

Lee Soon-kyu (born May 15, 1989) better known by her stage name, Sunny, is an American-born South Korean singer, DJ and radio host, she is best known for being a member of K-pop girl group, Girls' Generation, and its second subunit, Oh!GG.

Early Life and Career BeginningsEdit

Sunny was born as Lee Soon-kyu in Orange County, California, USA, she was given the English name of Susan Soon-kyu Lee.

Sunny's father is Lee Soo-young, her mother's identity has not been revealed to the public, she has two older sisters,Lee Eun-kyu and Jin-kyu who share her birthday, her uncle is Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment. Sunny and her immediate family moved to Kuwait, when she was an infant, when the Gulf War emerged they relocated to South Korea, where she grew up. Due to a brief experience of living in a war time, Sunny grew a phobia of loud noises. She was influenced to become a singer by her father who was part of a band in college.

In 1998, Sunny entered Starlight Entertainment and became a trainee for five years before transferring to Starworld. She was planned to become a member of a duo girl group named Sugar, however, Starworld became bankrupt and unable to fund Sugar's debut. In 2007, Sunny was recommended by the singer Ayumi to S.M. Entertainment, after a successful audition to the company and several months of training, she took her stage name, feeling that her birth name sounded like an old woman's and made her debut as a member of the girl group, Girls' Generation, later that year.

She is a graduate of Baehwa All Girls High School


Singing careerEdit

After mere months of training under SM Entertainment, Sunny, became a member of the Korean pop girl group, Girls Generation, as a lead vocalist. The group debuted on August 5, 2007 and became very successful in South Korea and across the world.

Sunny has contributed to a couple of soundtracks as a solo artist, singing the theme song "You Don't Know About Love" for the SBS drama Working Mom, "Finally Now" for IPTV's Story of Wine and "Your Doll" for the SBS's Oh! My Lady. She featured on the Heading to the Ground soundtrack, singing a duet with Taeyeon in the song SarangInGulYo and another song titled Motion performed with the vocal line of the group. She participated in the S.E.O.U.L. song project along with Super Junior's Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin and Donghae and fellow group members Seohyun, Sooyoung, Jessica and Taeyeon. Sunny featured in Brown Eyed Girls's Miryo's track "I Love You, I Love You" from her first solo mini album, Miryo A.K.A JoHoney.

On September 15, 2017, Sunny and her SM Entertainment labelmate, Henry released the single "U&I".

Voice ActingEdit

Sunny took part in voice acting for animated film Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero with fellow labelmate Taemin from SHINee.


Sunny played the lead role of ‘Brenda Strong’ in the Korean production of Broadway musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’, which was opened on 28 March 2012 and with a scheduled run till 10 June 2012. Her performance received positive critical review and was nominated for Best New Actress in the 6th 'The Musical Awards', South Korea's equivalent of Broadway's Tony Award.

TV showsEdit

She was a permanent member on the show Star Golden Bell until Girls' Generation's song Oh! came out. Sunny alongside with Yuri was a part of reality show Invincible Youth in which they were a part of G7, consisting of 7 girls from idol groups. Due to Girls' Generation's Japanese debut and other activities, Sunny left the show, along with Hyuna and Yuri, in June 2010. On October 17, it was confirmed that Sunny would be joining for the second season of Invincible Youth 2, a Korean reality show alongside with Hyoyeon. She is the only returning member from original G7. On July 6, a representative from S.M. Entertainment reported to the media, that Sunny will no longer be a regular casting member anymore alongside the members of G6 from Invincible Youth 2. The unexpected leave will mean that the July 7th episode of Invincible Youth 2, will be the last episode that Sunny will be featured as a permanent member. Sunny's leave does not include fellow Girls Generation member 'Hyoyeon' who will continue as a member on the show.

Show HostingEdit

She was a co-DJ of the radio show Chunji until the broadcast ended in July 2008. She also co-hosted a music show called The M with Kim Hyung Jun of SS501 and Im Seulong of 2AM but had to leave the show due to her busy schedules. Her last appearance as an MC for the show was on April 4, 2010. Sunny, along with other notable celebrities, is part of the star-studded cast on SBS MTV's “Music Island”, taking on the role of main MC. The first episode of “Music Island” was aired on February 24, 8PM KST. In 2014, she is now a DJ of the radio show named "Sunny's FM Date".

Facts Edit

  • Sunny's nicknames are DJ Soon, Ssun, Sunny Bunny, Aegyo Queen, Choi Danshin (the Shortest), Energy Pill and hwalryeokso Sunny (Energy Source SUNNY).
  • Her ethnicity is Korean.
  • Her height is 157cm.
  • Her weight is 44.5 kg
  • Her natural hair colour is black. Her natural eye color is dark brown.
  • She has dyed her hair many colors such as blonde, pink, red and blue.
  • Her blood type is B
  • Sunny's Greek star sign is Taurus.
  • Her family have been rumored to work in the oil industry.
  • She's a Christian
  • Sunny calls herself the 'non marrying type'.
  • She is fluent in her native Korean, and can speak basic English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Her hobbies are playing sports and video games.
  • She considers her specialties as eloquence, playing sports and doing aegyo.
  • Her favorite colors are yellow and pink.
  • Her favorite food is Japanese Ramen.
  • She trained five years in Starlight Entertainment and then trained nine months in SM Entertainment for her K-pop Idol career.
  • Sunny is known for her skill and charisma on variety shows.
  • Her Korean given name 'Soon-kyu' means 'filial jade' in Korean, her stage name, 'Sunny' is in fact an adjective which is used to describe a bright and cheerful person. Her English given name, Susan means 'Lily' in 'Hebrew'.



  • U&I (with Henry) (2017)

Featured SongEdit

Year Artist Song Album
2012 Miryo "I Love You, I Love You" Miryo A.K.A JoHoney

Soundtrack appearancesEdit

Year Title Song Duration Artist
2008 Working Mom OST "You Don't Know About Love" 03:33 Solo
2009 Story of Wine OST "Finally Now" 04:11
Heading To The Ground OST "It's Love" 04:15 Duet with Taeyeon
2010 Oh My Lady! OST "Your Doll" 03:49 Solo
2012 To The Beautiful You OST "It's Me" Duet with Luna (f(x))
2013 The Queen's Classroom OST "The Second Drawer" 3:45 Solo
2016 Two Yoo Project - Sugar Man 2 Part 6 "Odd Imagination" Duet with Henry

Solo performancesEdit

Year Title Song Duration
2011 Girls' Generation Tour "3" 05:13



Year Title Role Note
2012 Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero Miranda (voice-over) Korean version
2014 Rio 2 Jewel (voice-over)


Year Title Channel Role Note
2008 Unstoppable Marriage KBS2 BoolGwangDong (seven princess) (cameo)
2009 Tae-Hee, Hye-Kyo, Ji-Hyun! MBC Sunny (one episode)/Herself
2011 Sazae-san: Special 3 Fuji TV Sunny/Herself (cameo)

Television Edit

Year Title Channel Role Note
2009–2010 The M MTV Korea Co-Host with SS501's Kim Hyung-jun and 2AM's Seulong
2009–2010 Invincible Youth KBS2Regular cast With Yuri
2011–2012 Invincible Youth 2 Along with Hyoyeon
2012 Music Island SBS MTV Host
2012 "1 vs 100" KBS2Guest Appearance
2013 Strong Heart SBS
Shinhwa Broadcast JTBC
Real Men MBC Narrator
Grandpa Over Flowers tvN Guest Appearance Ep.2-4
Quiz to Change The World MBC Special MC for one episode
Infinite Challenge Guest Appearance
2014 Radio Star
2014-2015 RoommateSBS Regular cast Season 2
2015 Serial Shopping FamilyJTBC Main host with Park Myung Soo, Lee Young Ja, Park Ji Yoon and Park Won
2016 Vocal War: God's Voice SBS Celebrity judgewith Heo Youngji, Kangnam, April's Lee Jinsol, Hong Seok Chun, Kim Jimin, and Muzie
Star Advent Shandong TV Main Hostwith Hyoyeon and Leeteuk
Cheonhajangsa JTBCRegular Cast
2017-2018 To You, From MeE Channel
2017 A Man Who Feeds The DogChannel A / YouTube Narrator
2018 Real life Men and Women MBNRegular castwith Chungha
Can Love Be Translated? XtvNwith Nayoung, Eric Nam, and Park Na Rae
Video Star MBC Every 1 Main Host with Park So Hyun, Kim Sook, and Park Na Rae

Music VideoEdit

Year Song Artist Role
2008 "Cooking? Cooking!" Super Junior-H Herself
2009 "S.E.O.U.L." Super Junior and Girls' Generation Kindergarten Teacher
2010 "Caribbean Bay" 2PM and Girls' Generation Herself

Radio ProgramEdit

Year Name Channel Role Note
2008 Melon Chunji Radio DJ
2014-2015 Sunny FM Date MBC FM4U


Year Title Role Note
2012-2013 Catch Me If You Can Brenda Strong Lead Role
2014 Singin' in the Rain Kathy Selden
2016-2017 Cafe-in ~Mr Sommelier Miss Barista


  • [2014.xx.xx] MBC Entertainment Awards: Rookie Radio DJ Award - Sunny's FM Date



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