Gee is the 1st mini-album from Girls' Generation. It was released on January 7, 2009 after their 9 months of hiatus.


Posters of the girls with the "jeans" concept were released in the streets of Korean and since most of them were stolen by fans who were waiting for the group's comeback, S.M. had to request for the fans to not to steal them, since the group and the mini album needed the promotion.

The title track, "Gee", is composed by E-TRIBE. "Dear Mom" was composed by Kim Tae Sung, while the lyrics were composed by his girlfriend Ivy, though she used the pen name "The Lighthouse" in the album credits. The song "Way to Go!" is a new full version of Girls' Generation and Dong Bang Shin Ki CF digital single, "Haptic Motion."

Sales and ChartsEdit

"Gee" became a record holder for the longest-running #1 on music portal (for 8 weeks), surpassing the previous record of 6 weeks set by the Wonder Girls' "Nobody." They also broke the record on KBS music show Music Bank by being #1 for 9 consecutive weeks, previously set by Jewelry's "One More Time", which had 7 wins. They won the award for best-selling song for the first half 2009 for "Gee" song. Promotions for the song ended at the end of March.

The album proved to be successful in terms of sales, selling over 200,000 copies as of 2010 according to Gaon and Hanteo sales chart.

The song became a success, being a representative of South Korea, even being known in Harvard University, having a parody of it. It became the best-selling song of 2009, surpassing 4,900,000 downloads, being also the best-selling single for a girl group of all time.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Gee"   03:20
2. "Way to Go!"   03:04
3. "Dear Mom"   04:05
4. "Destiny"   03:26
5. "Let's Talk About Love"   04:11
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