• TheKorraFanatic


    August 20, 2017 by TheKorraFanatic

    Hello, I am TheKorraFanatic. I am making this blog because I have created a request on Community Central to adopt this wiki and I want to get the community's opinions on it.

    This wiki has very inactive admins that have not edited in years. The admins and bureaucrats are as followed:

    Blugo34 They last edited August 4, 2015.

    Fanytastic They last edited December 8, 2015.

    Pinker They last edited June 5, 2012.

    Qte They are a user who never edited here, but was given admin rights.

    Sunshiner They last edited October 17, 2012.

    UberRawrMon They last edited May 18, 2009.

    None of the admins have edited here since 2015. This wiki needs active admins.

    Since the departure of the admins, the group has released new music and therefore more pages need to be created…

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  • Trevor Anthony Maggiore

    Hey Everyone, I'm back, so I created this fanmade single album for SNSD. It's called '"Gossip Girls". It has 2 songs. Here are the songs.

    1. Gossip Girls (Korean Version)
    2. Showtime

    Gossip Girls is the first song on the single album. It was originally on the Love & Peace album as a Japanese song, now it will introduced as a Korean version

    Showtime is the second and last song on the single album. It is a Pussycat Dolls /  Kesha type beat. It has bells, drums, electric guitars, and has an Egyptian vibe to it.

    Note: This is fanmade, so these songs aren't actually real, and will not be part of my upcoming fanmade album that will be coming soon.

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  • Witnessme
    Taeyeon has broken free of Girls' Generation and has become the first member of the K-Pop group to go solo. On October 7th, she released her first single from her EP called I. Since its debut, it has sold over 2,000 copies and the music video has over 10 million views. Currently she is No. 1 on a U.S.-based Billboard chart for World Albums and No. 5 on Heatseekers Albums.

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  • SaraSNSD

    SNSD are my love!

    September 4, 2015 by SaraSNSD

    I adore SNSD so damn much! I were on few concerts, they are awesome! So special girls ♥ When I read that Jessica is kicked out, I cried :'(  I miss her and I hope she will come back someday

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  • Trevor Anthony Maggiore

    Hi Guys, I'm Back, I created this fanmade mini album for SNSD. Its called "Wild Love". It has 6 songs. Here are the songs.

    1. Wild Love
    2. Last Call
    3. Butterflies
    4. Girls Out
    5. Touch
    6. Beautiful

    Wild Love is the 1st and comeback song of the mini-album. It is a fun-Lady Gaga-upbeat type of song.

    Last Call is the 2nd song on the mini-album. It is a Kesha-type of song.

    Butterflies is the 3rd song on the mini-album. It is a Katy Perry-type of song.

    Girls Out is the 4th song on the mini-album. It is a r&b-Ariana Grande-type of song.

    Touch is the 5th song on the mini-album.  It is a Katy Perry-type of song.

    Beautiful is the 6th and final song on the mini-album. It is a soulful-Ariana Grande-type of song 

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  • Clacier


    January 17, 2015 by Clacier

    This is just a note that I'm switching accounts. I'll be using Fanytastic now, and disabling this one. Just in case anyone's confused when they see that account editing and having admin rights.

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  • Trevor Anthony Maggiore

    This is my first fanmade album. It is called "Circus". Here are the songs:  

    1. Circus
    2. Voodoo Resurrection 
    3. Fond Heart
    4. 나랑 같이가요 (Come With Me)
    5. Broken Show
    6. 일반적인 사랑 (Typical Love)
    7. Desire Me
    8. Motorcycle (Korean Version)
    9. 새로운 단계 (New Step)
    10. 7 A.M.

    Circus a.k.a 서커스 (Circus) is their comeback song, it is about the girls' going to the circus, they all see a handsome ringleader, and they tell him that they want to own the circus. It has a Circus concept ( of course) with a dance-club pop beat, and will have raps sung by Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Yuri.

    Voodoo Resurrection is the second song on the album, it will have a sexy club beat and will feature a performance on Music Bank and Music Core, it is about the girls trying to use voodoo magic to resurrect…

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  • 김 돈 동

    Well Hello everybody ^^ Let me introduce my self,my name is Donni i'm 25 years old,i don't have any brother or sister it's just me.hmm...what else ?? let me think..hmm i think that's all.

    I'm Newcommer in this Community,it's nice to join with this Site because i really Love Shu Nyuh Shi Dae ( SNSD ) Girl's Generation.

    I love the Culture of South Korea too,The Food,The People,Places.

    i love Ddeokbboki,Jajangmyun,Kimbab,Bulgogi,Kimci...hehe

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  • Phoenix107

    SNSD has appeared in many variety shows. Which show appearance do you like the most? Mine was SNSD and the Dangerous Boys or Intimate Note!

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  • Clacier


    July 2, 2013 by Clacier

    There was an old blog on this, but it's hard to find for most users, so I made a new one.

    Who's your bias (explain why if you like), what's your favorite song and favorite album?

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  • Kyledude788

    Girls' Generation Worldwide Domination is my 1st fan-fiction story. It will have comedy and drama. So, enjoy.

    Girls' Generation has comeback with their song "Olympius" in Korean Verison. It was written by BoA, and B.A.P. members, Zelo and Daehyun. It was released on June,12. When SMTown upload the "The Great Escape" MV in Youtube, it went completly popular and viral around the world. An american pop-star, Usher, watch the MV and he like it. So, he went to South Korea to meet them and tell them that he can help to make their full US album. SNSD finally agree. So, when SNSD released their US album, they began to make their worldwide domination.

    (Help me to add some details if you want)

    Taeyeon - She is 24 years old. She is the leader of the grou…

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  • Kyledude788

    I create this fanmade mini album for SNSD. It's called "Lonely Heart". It has 5 tracks. Here are the songs.

    1. Lonely Heart
    2. Olympius
    3. Mindless
    4. A Distance Far Away
    5. Heartbeat

    Lonely Heart is their 1st track of their album. Its very light and smooth. This song is about they have a hear that feel so lonely and sad.

    Olympius is their comeback song and the 2nd track of their album. This song has 5 genre mixed together. Hip-Hop, Electro, Darkish, Urban, and Hardcore. This song is about the Olympics and the God of the Olympics. This song will be in my fanfic coming soon.

    Mindless is their 3rd track of their album. This song is very darkish and upbeat.

    A Distance Far Away is a ballad song and their 4th track of their album.

    Heartbeat is their 5 track of their al…

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  • Kyledude788

    Fanmade SNSD 2014 Album

    February 3, 2013 by Kyledude788

    I create this fanmade album for SNSD in 2014. It's called "Quincenera". This album has 2 discs. So here are the songs.

    1. Quinecerena
    2. See the New World
    3. 밝은 그림자 (Bright Shadow)
    4. Reach
    5. I'll Never Forgive You
    6. 내 마음에 눈물 (Tears In My Heart)
    7. 911
    8. Sweet Candy
    9. Liven It
    10. 피는 로즈 (Blooming Rose)

    1. My Losing Heart (Taeyeon)
    2. Don't Cry (Jessica)
    3. 예쁜 애인 (Pretty Lover) (Sunny)
    4. Far Away (Tiffany)
    5. I'll Get Down on You (Hyoyeon)
    6. 가져다 (Bring It) (Yuri)
    7. 다크 비밀 (Dark Secret) (Sooyoung)
    8. We Always Be Together (Yoona)
    9. My Sunshine of my Life (Seohyun)
    10. That Boy Is Mine ft. Key

    Quinecerena is a comeback song for SNSD Disc 1. This song has a combination of all-latin genres, opera, 80's and 90's beats, and modern R&B. Quinecerena is about a girl is wearing a quinecerena and people are describing her and…

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  • Fluffybear


    April 26, 2012 by Fluffybear

    Our manager, Thomas told us to have a vacation. While he and his wife will have theor honeymoon. All of us were happy that we will actually get some rest. But I realized what will I do at my vacation? After Thomas dismissed us. We all had to think of what to do. "윽 Why don't we just go to a spa and relax?" TaeYeon suggested. "안돼! We should be with our family." YoonA objected. "Hey! What about we go to my old house in the mountains? It is relaxing and a SPA is right beside it!" Hyoyeon suggested. "I guess that would work" I shrugged. "You 소녀 agree too?" Hyoyeon asked. "Okay sure!" the rest said. When we traveled to Hyoyeon's place it looked kinda creepy. It was black. Dusty full of cobwebs and the window closes and opens no matter there isn…

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  • Anti-CosmoFan

    Hello everybody, this is my first blog post...

    Who's your favorite song and members on Girl's Generation (So Nyuh Shi Dae/SNSD)? For members, my favorite is Sunny. For song, my favorite is Run Devil Run. Thanks!!!~~Sophiaawesome

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